5 Social Networking Tips For Your Facebook Profile

As many of you know, Facebook has just become the most important social networking website in the world today. Over the past few years, it has risen to be the number one social networking site in the United States, and it is far and away the number one social networking site in the entire world.

That said, I am still a big fan of Facebook. It is true that it does not get the attention of other sites like Twitter, or MySpace, but Facebook has been growing so quickly and has become such a huge, important part of our lives that there is no way that they are going to completely disappear.

I have put together some of the best Facebook tips that I can think of to help you get more out of your profile page. I hope that they will be useful to you as well.

The first tip I would like to mention is that there are two ways to connect with others on Facebook. The first way is to add your Facebook friends to your wall, and the second way is to simply click the “like” button on your friend’s wall.

My first tip for connecting with people is to be sure that you are doing this from a privacy standpoint. If you are not careful, then it will be quite easy for everyone to see who you are connected with.

If you want to do it this way, you need to go to your friend’s list and find those people that you want to get together with. Once you find them, click on them and then press the “show profile” button at the bottom of their wall.

Now, if you had put this information in a special page under your profile, you should see the name of your two Facebook friends along with all the things that they share with you. At the top, there should be the option for “show” and you can now show everythingin the other person’s profile.

Just make sure that you aren’t pressing the “show” button when you are already on the person’s account. You want to hide everything and see what is listed in their wall, instead of just seeing the name.

You should also consider hiding any other sites from your friends’ “friends’ list” including other social networks like MySpace and Twitter. These three sites are too important for your Facebook account, and you don’t want anyone to know that you are using these other sites.

These are just a few of the Facebook tips I can think of. There are probably many more tips you can use to make your profile more appealing to the millions of people that are visiting it each day.

Hopefully, these Facebook tips will help you take advantage of your new found connection with your Facebook friends. So please, do not be afraid to try something different.