3 Simple Ways to Make Money As a Freelancer

So, you’re still wondering how to make money as a freelancer. After all, there’s a good reason that so many people are signing up with freelance websites these days. Freelance jobs are popular for a few reasons. First, you can work from home, so you’ll have significantly less commute time. Plus, since the internet is growing exponentially, it’s easy to find a lot of work through just one search engine. If you’re looking for a popular freelance job in your field of expertise, these are three great websites to start at.

o Easy Freelance Profile: One of the first things you need to do when searching for an online job is to create a professional profile. This is essentially your business card on steroids, and it’s absolutely critical that you have one! A well-done profile includes a professional photo, an explanation of yourself, your contact information, your portfolio, and your price list. It’s also a good idea to put in a comprehensive list of your skills. This way, clients will know exactly what they’re getting when they hire you.

o Freelance Portfolio: Your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of your online career, since it gives potential clients an idea of who you are and what you offer. It should include all of your work, whether it’s finished or still in progress. Remember, potential clients won’t know how to make money as a freelancer if they don’t know what you can do for them. Use this section to highlight your best works. If you are a good writer, create a blog or website about your best novels or short stories, or even about your creative passions. Potential clients will be impressed by your writing abilities and know that you are a passionate professional.

o Blogs, Facebook, and Websites: These three tools are very popular tools when it comes to freelancing. Freelancers use them every day to promote themselves and their careers. They allow potential clients to get to know you in a personal and business-style manner, while offering a wealth of information for free. Think of these as “popular freelance career” sites, rather than the boring standard freelance websites.

o Fiverr, 99designs, and ODesk: All three of these are excellent platforms for making money as a freelancer. The primary difference between these three is that Fiverr is a “crowdfunded” service, which means you have to pay up-front to become a member and then bid on projects. 99designs and ODesk are “exclusive” sites and you can become a member for free. If you’re wondering how to make money as a freelancer, using any of these services will get you started.

o Digital Marketing: Using digital marketing to promote your portfolio will get you a ton of client contacts. You can create a website that offers free digital marketing tips and constantly update it with new content. This keeps your clients happy and keeps your business thriving! Digital marketing is a huge tool for freelancers, so don’t overlook it when thinking about how to make money as a freelancer.

o Freelance Work: If you’re a fantastic designer but don’t have a portfolio to show for it, starting a freelancer job could be the answer. There are tons of job sites available (especially for fiverr) which offer great rates for freelance work. Just be sure to bid high on projects that have solidgigs attached to them. This way, you’ll have solidgigs that won’t leave you without work. The more work you do, the better you will get at this.

Once you’ve started learning how to make money as a freelancer, you will need to start planning out your day job carefully. Don’t just jump into it. Make sure you have a solid portfolio, a solid social media presence, and plenty of clients lined up to do work for you. It’s possible to have all three at once and be very successful at a day job. Remember that it’s all about getting the word out about your service, so always give people a reason to hire you. If you can get clients excited about your service, you’ll soon find yourself getting calls every day from different clients who need your help.