What Sugary Beverages are Harmful?


RED  Beverages contain more than 12 g of sugar per 12 oz. Read more to discover more about which beverages are harmful.

Stop and Think! Drink Rarely if at all

  • High in sugar
  • Many also have high sodium and/or fat content
  • Contain “empty” calories with little or no nutrients
  • Can contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay


  •   Regular Soda
  •   Energy Drinks
  •   Sports Drinks
  •   Pre-sweetened coffee and tea drinks
  •   Juice drinks with added sugar
  •   Whole or 2% milk


  1. I have known about the dangers of artificial sugars/sweeteners for many years. They include high fructose corn syrup, spenda, refined white sugar, Equal, and so many more, which not only are depleted of nutrients, but they are also considered by the body as toxins, thus taking more energy away from the body to maintain these toxins in fat tissues, slowing down systemic functions. They definitely disrupt the body’s normal metabolism, and may lead to a host of problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues & all kinds of inflammatory diseases. Artificial sweeteners are present in almost all canned/snack/soft drinks/bakery & junk foods we can find in the market. They also dehydrate the body. Best to stay away from them and seek for more natural sources: PURE, RAW, UNPROCESSED HONEY; LUO HAN GUO; ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP that undergoes minimum processing; Organic/raw COCONUT SUGAR, STEVIA, pure, minimally processed, organic brown sugar from sugarcane! etc…Fruits are also a natural source for sugar.

  2. Really? I think a far better solution to this issue would be to put out ads getting kids to exercise. I grew up eating McDonald’s, drinking soda and Gatorade. But I also played sports, rode my bike a few miles a day every day. That’s a good way to decrease childhood obesity.

    I think Mr. Mayor should work on ways to actually improve the city, particularly financially during these difficult economic times. Perhaps the Mayor should set a nation-wide precedent by putting a 12-month limit on welfare and unemployment benefits, as I know dozens of people who are multi-generational welfare recipients or 10-years into unemployment with no intention to “work 40 hours to go from $400/week to $600/week.” The concept of obesity goes far beyond weight; too many Americans are growing obese on the government’s money. Yes, there are people who need help, but welfare and unemployment were meant to be a crutch — a rescue net — a means to keep your head afloat until you found work again. It was never, absolutely never, intended to be a lifestyle.

  3. We don’t buy soda or juice for home consumption. They are treats we have only occasionally, at restaurants or birthday parties. I made this decision so that my kids wouldn’t be trained to want sweet drinks all the time. They drink 1% lowfat milk and water. I drink coffee with milk and one teaspoon of sugar. The kids are 11 and 7 and so far, they haven’t had any cavities. No excess weight, either.

    We don’t lead a sugar-free life, but sweetened drinks are something we mostly avoid. They are easy to live without.

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